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  • Item #: 1TarpFlat4
  • Manufacturer: Oware

Shelters up to 4 people. Price includes a stuffsack and shipping in the USA.

16 Reinforced Web tie outs around hem, 4 in center panels 


30 denier nylon fabric, various colors (.3 oz silicone coating)  21 oz Finished size 10'4" X 12')

70d nylon fabric, black (1 oz urethane coating, very waterproof under high pressure) 42 oz. Finished size 9'6" x 12' 

70d nylon fabric univeral digital camo (1.5 oz blackout urethane coating, lets no light or water thru in high pressure) 59 oz Finished size 9'6"x12'

210 nylon fabric navy (1 oz urethane coating, very waterproof under high pressure, high tear strength) 60 oz Finished size 9'6"x12'


 Fabric is not flame retardant, keep away from heat and flame.

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