Flat Tarp1 5x8'

Flat Tarp1  5x8'
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  • Item #: 1TarpFlat1
  • Manufacturer: Oware

Get a silnylon solo tarp for less than $50 shipped! Solo Tarp 5x8' 8 Web Tieouts. 30d Silicone 60x96" 70d Urethane coated nylon 56"x96". Price includes shipping in USA PLUS a stuffsack at this special price.

30d Silicone coated nylon --- (weight. 6.5 ounces)---

70d Urethane coated nylon  foliage green, light urethane coat 12 oz.

70d urethane blackout coat in ACU digital camo 20 oz.

Notes- fabric is not flame retardent, it will burn and melt, keep away from heat and flame.

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