Cattarp1.5 TM

Cattarp1.5 TM
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  • Item #: 1TarpCat1.5
  • Manufacturer: Oware

Cattarp 1.5 Catenary cut 1 person tarp

Price includes shipping and a stuffsack (Free shipping in the USA)

extra roomy size for solo trips or squeeze two.

30d silnylon fabric sage 10 ounces, brown 9.5 ounces, blaze orange 8.25 ounces

70d urethane foliage green 18 oz

70d urethane heavy blackout coating universal digital camo 25 oz.

Catenary cut for ease of set up and tight pitch for no flapping Tapered from 7'1" to 5'4" wide over its 9 foot length.

8 Reinforced Web tie outs.

 Caution- Fabrics are not flame retardent and will melt and burn if exposed to high heat or flame. Keep away from campstoves, fires, laterns etc. 

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