BirdTarp 1™

BirdTarp 1™
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  • Item #: 1TarpBird1
  • Manufacturer: Oware

Birdtarp TM 1 Good size for solo trips, just in case for day hikes and great with a bivy.

Price includes shipping and stuffsack.  

Free shipping in the USA.

Catenary cut for ease of set up and tight pitch for no flapping in high winds.

Tapered from 5 to 4.3 feet wide over its 8.5 foot length.

Made 10 Web tie outs.

Works great with a bivy sack for all weather protection.


70d urethane coyote tan 12.5 oz

30d emerald 6.5 oz

30d red 7.2 oz

30d white 7.7 oz

30d sage grey and grey 7.95 oz

note- fabric is not flame retardent, keep away from heat and flame. 

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