Alphamid TM 1/2 Pyramid Tarp Various Fabrics

Alphamid TM 1/2 Pyramid Tarp Various Fabrics
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  • Item #: 1Alphamid
  • Manufacturer: Oware

Take a pyramid tarp, cut it in half and add an A Frame door and you have the Alphamid A floorless tarp which is quick to set up, light and inexpensive. A favorite for winter campers, it can be set up over a snow pit for extra roominess. It includes a stuff sack. Use your ski probe poles, hang it from a tree limb or order the separate shock corded pole to set it up. Just clip the buckle at the bottom of the door, zip up the zipper, stake out the four corners evenly and put up the pole. Additional tie outs are on the center seams. The apex is reinforced with Cordura®, the zipper is a coil. The taller steeper pitch sheds snow and rain much better than the competitors shelters as well a providing more headroom. Includes 1 oz. pole connector (3 webbing straps) so you can use two trekking or ski poles to make a height adjustable pole and a stuffsack. No cord included. Weighs 18.5 oz silnylon version

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