Foam 3/16" Thick Sleeping Pads

A best seller for over 20 years. Foam Sleeping Pads 3/16" Thick ---- Available in 4 sizes including long and double wide. Perfect for in hammocks for insulation that wraps around your sides and insulates you from the hammock fabric. R value .79 for 3/16" thick. Closed cell foam, waterproof to 3500 mm. Free shipping. Lighter than Evazote for the warmth. Torso, Narrow 19x40" --2.75 oz. One Person, Long 20x76" -- 5.25 oz. Two Person, Long 40x76" -- 10.5 oz. Available in the USA only due to shipping costs on bulky items.

Foam  3/16" Thick Sleeping Pads
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  • Item #: Foam 3/16" Thick
  • Manufacturer: Made In Great Britain
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