Foam 3/16" (5mm) Thick Sleeping Pads

A best seller for over 20 years. Plastazote Foam Sleeping Pads 3/16" Thick (5mm)

Available in 3 sizes including long and double wide.

Perfect for in hammocks for insulation that wraps around your sides and insulates you from the hammock fabric.

R value .79 for 3/16" thick at this density.

Closed cell foam, waterproof to 3500 mm. Use a full length one instead of a ground sheet.

Lighter than Evazote for the warmth.

Use under an inflatable pad to protect from puncture.

Stuffsack with strap loop available for tying to outside of pack on some sizes.

Torso, Narrow 19x40" --2.75 oz. 

One Person, Long 20x76" -- 5.25 oz.

Two Person, Long 40x76" -- 10.5 oz.

Available in the USA only due to shipping costs on bulky items.

Free shipping in USA

Foam  3/16" (5mm) Thick Sleeping Pads
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